Best American Podcast Shows you should be Listening to

Well I have to start out by saying that radio shows are not what they used to be. When you listen to the radio today, there are usually shock jocks covering ridiculous news stories or trying to get a rise out of the listeners. There are not stories, but instead people who are trying to “shock” you into keeping up with them or making you interested in their program.

Luckily, with the introduction of smart phones and other technology, we now have podcasts. Podcasts have replaced the old time radio entertainment. They now cover a wealth of entertainment that has seriously been lacking.


  1. Serial: Serial unfolds one story over the course of several episodes. The show is designed to follow the plot and characters where they go throughout many different twists and turns. Each week you get a new chapter and should always be prepared to be surprised. Serial is a product of This American Life, which was the most popular public radio show in the last 20 years. Serial is the same kind of style and has been as successful, if not more so, than its radio predecessor.
  2. This American Life: Of course if you are listening to serial, you need to be listening to This American Life. It follows first person stories that are sometimes true and sometimes not, but they always manage to be entertaining and memorable. It narrates our world better than any other show that has ever existed. The storyteller, Ira Glass, is a master whose voice will stay in your mind long after he has gone off air.
  3. Radio Lab: This is a podcast where science meets culture. That means you are learning something, but you are not bored while you are listening. It is a strange hybrid of different people and stories that focuses on something to learn. It’s like Bill Nye for grownups. You will feel more educated about your world when you listen to this and will also be entertained in the process. What is better than that?
  4. Stuff You Should Know: This is pretty much a show of random facts and information. This is not for everyone, but if you are someone who is into Trivial Pursuit, this is the show for you. Most of the information is something that you should know. If you don’t know it yet, just listen and you will wonder why you haven’t learned it already.
  5. Planet Money: With the state of our global economy as well as our continual recovery from the 2008 Global Recession, you should listen to Planet Money to learn where the economy is headed and what you can do to save money and protect yourself. You will also have a better idea about how the global economy works. It’s an NPR podcast that is so well-done that you will feel like you know more about economics than you ever have before.


6. Star Talk: This is a personal favorite of mine. It is where you get the comedic Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is a famous                  astrophysicist as well as the director of the Hayden Planetarium. Hs has interesting as well as hilarious guests and                    scientists on his show, which covers everything from astronomy to simply living in the universe. I love it simply because he        covers topics that would be otherwise impossible to study and makes them relatable and easier to understand. And                    honestly, is there anything cooler than space?

What shows do you like to listen to? Would you rather listen to a show or watch one on tv? If you don’t know, it is probably a good time to find out.

Hi there! Well, it comes out of no surprise that I really enjoy listening to radio and its shows. First of all they don’t require you to be free that is they don’t demand that you must be sitting idle on your couch have to keep your eyes open to watch what really is going on. Radio makes me feel relaxed from the day I got my mp4 player that had radio in it.

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