Do You Have a Question?

Have you ever visited a radio station or given any interview as a guest?

Interesting question! For the first part, yeah once my friend made some arrangements due to which I was able to see radio station from inside. It was really a good experience though I was not able to meet any of my favorite show hosts. For the second part, no I have never given any interview but I will love to give if given with any opportunity for this.

What you achieve by listening radio?

All famous person have an unmatchable personality which makes me follow them. Well not only me, their millions other fans will also say the same that when they hear the words coming out from the mouth of their role model personalities they cannot stop themselves from listening to the advices they are giving. It feels amazing to listen such people who act as an inspiration for us! Not only this, radio makes my mood boost up to more than 100%, it implies positive effects on my daily life for sure! My sense of responsibilities get a new direction every day I listen to radio.

What are some shows that you listen?

There has been a huge list to what I ever listened but I will mention a few of them.
1.       Coast To Coast With George Noory

2.      Kim Komando Tech Reports

3.       The Delilah Love-Fest

4.      Neal BoortzFor President?

5.       Jeremy Vine Covers the News

6.      Glenn Beck – Another Conservative Show Host

Do you ever get tired or bored by listening to radio?

NO! Never ever it felt like tiring or boring to listen radio. Though it happens that sometimes I fell asleep during a show but that never happens out of boredom but because radio gives me some quality peace of mind that allows me to relax myself which is the way I easily sleep when I am tired out of work and I listen to radio.

Why you love to listen radio?

First of all they don’t require you to be free that is they don’t demand that you must be sitting idle on your couch have to keep your eyes open to watch what really is going on. Radio gives me a reliable situation themed and formed to suit my needs at any given time of day. The fun part is that I can even enjoy radio while surfing the internet or while doing my routine tasks; it keeps my energy levels high and I am able to complete work way before than usual time. So, it proves to be beneficial for me and that is why I can’t imagine my life without radio.