Famous Radio Personalities from USA

While some people have said that radio is dead, they are simply the ones who are not listening. Radio has been the best form of communication that we have had. It does not go out the same way that television does since it goes on a completely different frequency. It also uses the imagination better since you will formulate the images in your brain instead of making you use your eyes to paint a picture.

There is also something to be said about the fact that you cannot see the radio personalities. They could look like anyone. They could wear anything. It doesn’t matter as long as they speak well and can get their point across.

The United States has had a good amount of radio personalities since radio’s infancy. They have brought us good news and bad, given us something to laugh at or think about, or told us stories that haunt our dreams. There have been so many, that it is hard to cut this list too short, but I will do my best.


  1. Howard Stern: I start with him, because he is the most current and best-known personality on the radio today. Sure, not everyone loves him. He is well-known to be crass and outspoken, not concerned about how his opinions will be received. But he is quick witted and easy to listen to, making it easy to see why he has been on the radio for so long and we can feel safe knowing he will be on for a very long time to come.
  2. Rush Limbaugh: Also crass like Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh has been on the air for a long time. Limbaugh takes a conservative narrative on an array of topics, always offering the extreme right’s viewpoint on anything social or political.
  3. Ryan Seacrest: While Ryan Seacrest really became a household name with the run of American Idol, he actually started his radio career when he was only 15 years old when he worked for a radio station in Atlanta. Currently he is the radio host for American Top 40 and On Air with Ryan Seacrest.
  4. Sean Hannity: Sean Hannity is also a well-known conservative political commentator, known for his appearances on Fox News as well as his nationally syndicated radio show The Sean Hannity Show. He is prepared to take on any “liberal propaganda” and is always happy to push the conservative agenda.
  5. Casey Kasem: In his heyday, Casey Kasem was the best-known disc jockey on American radio. In fact, replays of his shows are still played across the nation, playing every year that he hosted the American Top 40. He was also remembered as the original voice of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.
  6. Adam Carolla: Adam Carolla has been known for quite a few things throughout his professional life, but his current fame is as the host of The Adam Carolla Show, which is a talk show distributed as a podcast. It currently holds the record as the “most downloaded podcast” by the Guinness World Records since 2011.


7.Russell Brand: Although Russell Brand isn’t currently hosting a radio show, he had hosted a variety for most of his career.          He co-hosted The Russell Brand Show as well as The Russell Brand Podcast. Brand is known for his fast-paced comedy          which is immersed with crude jokes as well as lots of discussion about sex and drugs. Brand is a well-known recovering            drug and sex addict and has plenty to discuss on the matter.

While there has been a huge move to video, especially with the progression of the smartphone and social media, radio hosts are still necessary. They are wonderful to listen to in the car or at work, giving you something to focus on that will get you out of your monotony.

Hi there! Well, it comes out of no surprise that I really enjoy listening to radio and its shows. First of all they don’t require you to be free that is they don’t demand that you must be sitting idle on your couch have to keep your eyes open to watch what really is going on. Radio makes me feel relaxed from the day I got my mp4 player that had radio in it.

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