How to Become a Radio Personality

If you have ever heard that you have a great voice on the phone or been told that you should work in radio, perhaps you have played with the idea of being on air yourself. But many of us out there think about things in the media and assume that only famous or talented people get the job. But the fact is, only a few people in media started out already famous. The rest of us worked from the bottom up in order to get the job that we wanted.

So if you are thinking “well maybe I should be in radio,” I have a few tips on how to make your dream a reality.

1.) Create a Demo: The first thing you will need to do is prove that you are good enough to be on radio. What would your show be like? What kind of guests would you have? Create a demonstration of what it would be like as well as the type of music choices you would make if that is part of your routine. A demo will also record how your voice sounds on air; something incredibly important. You have to be able to speak clearly and well.


2.) Schedule an interview with the program director: Call up stations that meet the criteria for your hypothetical show and schedule interviews or appointments. If they aren’t hiring, you can get advice to where you could try or if there is anything else you should be doing.

3.) Be persistent: Don’t give up if they do not like your content. Find out what it is about your demo that was unappealing. Or in the event that they didn’t have any job openings at the time, keep up with calling and checking in with different stations until there is an opening. Pester them just so you are memorable, but not considered obnoxious or needy.

4.) Be open to any job opportunity: If a station has an opening, but it’s not where you want to be; it’s ok. Take what job you can get. Any job with a station is a foot in the door and will only work out positively for you. Do not think you are above some jobs when you really are not. Everyone has to pay their dues in order to work up the ladder to success. We do jobs we may not love and that may cause stress, but it’s learning to handle yourself at the bottom that will help you get up to the top.


5.) Don’t give up: It’s very easy to get frustrated in that situation and think that you are never going where you want to be going. But like any job, if you work hard and work well, your efforts will not go unnoticed. You will be rewarded. But good things take time. Hard work has a positive payout as long as you are dedicated enough to stick with it. If you give up, that is when you fail.

I do think that some jobs are better suited for some people more than others. That said, if radio is where your passion is, then you need to keep going. Also remember that not everyone is destined to sit behind the microphone. There are many jobs you can do at a radio station and are not limited to just being on air. If it turns out that on air is a bad choice, do not just throw away your dream. Become a writer, an editor, or a show producer. It may not be your voice, but it could be your brains behind the next big thing.

Hi there! Well, it comes out of no surprise that I really enjoy listening to radio and its shows. First of all they don’t require you to be free that is they don’t demand that you must be sitting idle on your couch have to keep your eyes open to watch what really is going on. Radio makes me feel relaxed from the day I got my mp4 player that had radio in it.

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