Latest FAQ

Isn’t radio dead? Who still listens to the radio?

Radio has not died yet and is still going pretty strong. Radio has been something people listened to for entertainment for about a hundred years now. The ease of broadcasting as well as the simplicity of production makes it more economical to have than television. Radio is popular in offices across the country, providing nice background noise to workers and clients alike.

Why is Howard Stern so successful?

As Howard Stern has been on the FCC’s radar pretty much his entire career, it does beg the question. He is successful for several reasons. The first is that he is blatantly honest, not caring if he is offending anyone or not. Even though this causes issues with the censoring officials, there are many listeners who appreciate it. The other thing that makes him famous is that he surrounds himself by interesting people, which in turn makes him an interesting person. He brings anyone and everyone onto his show and asks them the questions that other interviewers would not dare. Going out on a limb like that is risky for a lot of reasons, but for Stern, it has been incredibly successful. He is also quick-witted and easy to listen to so he generally performs very well.

Why is Rush Limbaugh so hated?

Rush Limbaugh is generally hated because he is a loud mouth like Howard Stern, but his approach is different. He will go out of his way to attack people and insult people. While Stern doesn’t back way from a controversial topic, he doesn’t usually start out with bullying some random person. He is also considered racist, sexist, and elitist, a terrible combination for listeners who are not white, rich men. His network has been repeatedly sued over his offensive remarks.

Who was the first radio personality?

Considering radio stations were not syndicated in the beginning due to the short wave of radio frequencies, it is hard to know who was the very first. But the first successful radio personality was George D. Hay who was the creator of the Grand Ole Opry. He began by playing a couple hours of country music on his program each week. That was so popular that it grew into the Grand Ole Opry that we know of today.

Why did people used to listen to radio more than they do now?

People used to have radio as the only form of entertainment in a household. Not every house had a radio, but it was close. There were daily and weekly scheduled programs that families would gather around to listen to. There was no television in the beginning and even when television made its debut, not everyone could afford the high cost of owning one. Nowadays our entertainment comes in the form of our smartphones, streaming videos, social media, and more. We did not used to have all of the distractions that we have today. So the radio was the place in the house to be for entertainment.