My Story

Do you ever miss the radio of the days gone by? The days when we were not constantly inundated with live videos, streaming information, and knowing what somebody had for lunch? There was a simpler time for media and technology many years ago. Technology has so many varieties these days, with everything trying to be the “next big thing,” fighting for everyone’s attention. There is something to be said for the whole time radio shows. Even though radio shows existed long before my time, I still think of radio as the original entertainment source for Americans. In those shows you could just listen to the actors talking instead of being splashed with plastic surgery and too much makeup. We didn’t know what they look like, you only knew they told you. There’s something special about that, the use of imagination, which is far more spectacular than what we are dealing with today.


My start in radio came in college. I had a really crazy roommate at the time (didn’t we all have a roommate like that?), but she was really interested in the idea that she could DJ radio show. I decided to go along with it because I didn’t have a reason not to. There is a certain amount of power behind radio. You decide what the listeners are listening to. Yes of course they can choose to turn the radio off, but at the same time they have no control over what you are playing or what you are saying. There is no script. After getting my bachelors in communications, a degree that most people think is junk, I got my first job as an intern on the local radio station. I found that I had a wonderful radio voice, and have since stuck to recording commercials for the radio, instead of just doing my own show.

Listening to the radio is not dead, you just have to change your approach and expectations of radio. Long ago, people listened to it to get the latest news stories as well as to get a good laugh. But then once television hit the scene, radio was replaced. There was no longer a need to listen to it for stories. That’s what television is for. But today you can listen to the radio accepting what it truly is. Ignore the music. Just bask in the art of production.

But if you are looking for radio from the days of yore, you can download the past radio shows and listen to them on rerun. Or you can look into listening to podcasts.

When I am not speaking out of speakers to random strangers, I am managing my household full of three very enthusiastic and somewhat hairy Jack Russell terriors. I cannot explain why I love the dogs, but I do. I suppose it is their high energy and lovable nature, something I can personally relate to. Either way, I hope you enjoy what I have written for you and you feel more confident listening to the radio in the future.