Police brutality as told by Joe Madison

Police brutality is rife across the globe. It is not a new occurrence. It has been prevalent in the recent times in several cities across the United States and other countries across the globe. Joe Madison is a talk show host on Sirius SM Satellite radio. The show airs weekdays from 6 – 10Am EST on Channel 126.

Headlines from left right and center crop up in protests as police are involved in demeaning actions that cross human rights. In the United States of America police brutality mostly involves police officers and black Americans. The issue has been trending in social media and across radio stations and key among the personalities who have been on the forefront to critique the actions of police is Joe Madison, a seasoned media personality in the United States.


A case in point is in Madison County in Indiana where a black American was mishandled by the police. Kenneth Ewart Johnson was handcuffed by Indiana police since the alcohol level in his blood as five times the legal acceptable limit. His arrest was not the issue. During his booking into the Madison County jail, Kenneth claims that four senior police officers beat him causing a gash on his head and severely making his face to become engorged. Such are the cases that Joe Madison campaigns against. This is not an isolated case but it is a common occurrence where black Americans are treated harshly by the police.

Unfortunately, despite the rampant occurrence of police brutality, only a meager number of such cases have made it on the front pages of the daily newspapers. Murder most foul. Little was done to bring the culprit to book. Radio personalities have tried their best to unearth the evils done by the police especially to Black Africans. Kenneth’s case was said to vanquish police lies, but senior police officers rose to the defense of their colleague making it a complicated case to deal with. Joe Madison has been labeled as a defender of the weak by some sections of the Black community since he advocates for equal treatment for all regardless of the race.


It is either transparency or none of it. Radio personalities have to combine forces and go the extra yard. Anti-cop crusaders should be seen to campaign against the said evils since they are on the rise. Joe Madison cannot do it alone. He seems a lone ranger in this war.

There is need for all and sundry to rise up and ensure that there is no respite in the follow up to ending this brutality. Some states in the United States risk being named a one race state since police have really risen against the blacks. Police brutality cannot be stopped by the police. It is agreeable that they are law enforcers, but they break the very law they purport to enforce.

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