Relationship between radio personalities and politics in the U.S

Politics in the United States of America is shaped greatly by the media. The relationship between the politicians and media is critical since it says how far their influence is felt, and who listens to them. One cannot be a successful political figure in the United States without being a key supporter of the media freedom and independence. However, this does not insinuate that media affects the outcome of an election. Media only plays second fiddle to the candidate that the people want. No candidate can be forced down the peoples’ throat by the media.


The current political tides in the United States have seen several presidential aspirants take to the mainstream media and social media so to sell their policies to the public. Regrettably, some have found themselves on the wrong side due to their past comments either on social media or other social media platforms.

The biggest movers and shakers in the current political year cannot be mentioned without taking a special mention of the media. Since the focus has been on how the current political players can best appease the masses in their election manifestos, media moguls have reaped greatly from these events.

Television and radio personalities have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the political players are properly exposed to the electorate so that they may make sober decisions as appertains to the political direction that the nation will take. Most political players are given airtime during the widely listened and viewed programs so that the citizenry can get to analyze the policies that are being advocated by a certain aspirant.


John Olivier’s show has helped expose several political players, and their policies to the electorate. It has been arguably been instrumental in setting the political and social climate in the country. He presented a show that really affected the way people viewed politics. They started to understand in a comprehensive manner issues to do with corruption and other social evils. A case in point is the famous FIFA election where Sepp Blatter found himself out of the job he had held for a considerable period of time. This was pressurized by the media to a great extent.

Nate Silver’s show dubbed Five Thirty Eight is unrivalled as far as a political analysis is concerned. He has managed to mix well with his media colleagues thus affecting the political climate greatly. He has been somehow correct in his past political predictions thus earning himself a name in the political field even though he is a major player in the media sector. He is poised to make a considerable impact on the outcome of the current election campaign. Media and politics are therefore inseparable, both in the United States and the rest of the world.

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