The Road To Fame Of A Radio Personality

Plenty of people across the globe wish that they could rise up one day and find themselves famous radio personalities. Becoming a famous radio personality is not a walk in the park. It calls for persistence, believing in oneself, and above all having a commanding flow of the English language. Several people ride on the complements that have been given to them by their friends and family that they could make good radio personalities owing to the golden voice that they have. However, a golden voice is not a license to becoming a famous radio personality. A lot more is required. Ever wondered how the current crop of famous radio personalities like Howard Allan Stern made it to the top?


If you have the passion for radio work, the heart to do it, and the determination to be an on air-announcer, that is not a bad start. It all starts with you. Most of the media owners require staffs whose confidence is above board. They prefer to hire people who have the enthusiasm for radio work and those that exhibit true love for working on radio.

You have got to start where the rest started. The process begins with making a demo tape that you will present to the program director of the station that you have targeted to work in. You should the demo tape on your best natural voice if possible. Do not exaggerate since some exaggerations tend to distort the voice.Take a tour of a local radio station, and ask if they could help you make a demo tape. Most of them are readily willing to help you make the demo tape. Seize the opportunity and make an excellent demo tape that can market you immensely.

Your demo tape should later be forwarded to program directors of the preferred radio stations. Your road to fame does not involve you choosing where to deliver the demo tapes and your resume. Schedule an interview with a program director. Be persistent and do not assume anything. Once the interview is over and you are told that they shall contact you later, take it upon yourself to follow up by sending an email to them. They shall respond to you at their convenience. Expound on your love for radio and that you will make the radio station that exists. Be patient. Do not be worked up in case there is no communication from the program directors whose stations have received your demo tape. You have to drop as many demo tapes as possible since there are chances that one or a few of the many recipients of your demo tape will like what you have.


Your vision of becoming a radio personality should not be pegged on only the famous radio stations. Start from the bottom. Work your way up. The famous personalities that you hear on a daily basis started from the bottom. They were not as loved then as they are today. They were amateurs in their days. The road to fame for a radio personality is therefore not smooth, but it is full of rocky path. Maneuver your way and faint not.

Hi there! Well, it comes out of no surprise that I really enjoy listening to radio and its shows. First of all they don’t require you to be free that is they don’t demand that you must be sitting idle on your couch have to keep your eyes open to watch what really is going on. Radio makes me feel relaxed from the day I got my mp4 player that had radio in it.

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